MHRFF Programme

Opening Ceremony [Friday 25th - 16.00]

PROGRAMME 1 [Friday 25th - 16.15]

LIONESS by Alexander Conrads, Germany, 15 min
DAILY ROUTINE by Patrik Ruben Rosanics, Hungary, 8 min
RITES UNDONE by Naomi Richman and Eddie Bolger, UK, 30 min
 by Prithesh Bhandary, India, 9 min
THE OLD MAN NEXT DOOR by Aidan O. Dickens, New Zealand, 15 min

PROGRAMME 2 [Friday 25th - 18.30]

I'M NO LONGER LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD by G. Pellegrini, Switzerland, 23 min
 Daniel Morawitz, Austria, 6 min
JUST IN CASE by April Kelley, UK, 14 min
FOR RACHEL SUMMER by Zooey Gao, Australia, 8 min
SOUND OF THE LOST SOULS by A. Haznedar and M. Özdoğan, Turkey, 12 min
I AM AFRAID TO BE AFRAID by Cátia Silva, Portugal, 6 min

PROGRAMME 3 [Saturday 26th - 15.30]

RECOVERY by Abbie Jackson and Alex Arnold, UK, 16 min
MATT’S STORY by Paul Mailath, Australia, 6 min
BROTHER by Lisanne Sweere, Netherlands, 28 min
NICE TO MEET YOU ALL by Guen Murroni, UK, 11 min
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BOY by Niklas Bauer, Germany, 14 min

PROGRAMME 4 [Saturday 26th - 17.45]

A LA FOLIE by Léa Luiz de Oliveira, France, 11 min
HEART SWELL by Kimberly Bautista, USA, 7 min
MILTON FREIRE, A SHOUT BEYOND HISTORY by Victor Abreu, Brazil, 20 min
ON WAKING UP by Johny Ritter, Austria, 19 min
DIAPLOUS, TALES OF HOPE by Ifigeneia Kotsoni, Greece, 18 min

Award Ceremony [Saturday 26th - 19.30]

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 5, Edifício Amarelo

1150-190 Lisboa

MHRFF Address 
c/o Fórum Lisboa
Av. de Roma 14,
1000-143 Lisboa



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